Control4 offers a complete range of intelligent lighting products that allow you to control virtually all lighting devices – large or small, indoor or outdoor, CFL or LED.
Control4 technology allows you to integrate lights with music, tones, locks, climate control and video, so that with one touch you can turn all lights on or off, set the right sleeping or dining environment, manage energy consumption , and make sure your home is safe.
You can even use your smartphone, tablet, or PC with the Control4 app to control the lighting of your home from almost anywhere in the world.
Control4’s latest intelligent lighting control products feature sophisticated design and a range of stylish color options to perfectly complement the aesthetics and design of your home.
Intelligent Control4 lighting also has expansive customization options and perfect capabilities for home and commercial installations.
With customized push buttons, custom engraving and LED backlight with environmental sensors, you can customize to create the perfect intelligent lighting solution for your home or business.
As the age of incandescent lighting comes to an end, now is a great time to upgrade the lights of the last century and start saving and being greener with smart lights and start harnessing the power and convenience of an integrated solution.
Many Control4 customers say that intelligent lighting is the hallmark of home automation without which they could not live.
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